1-year-old saves 37 lives through organ donation after dying alongside his mom in crash


The one-year-old boy who was killed alongside his mother in a car accident last week has saved 37 lives through organ donation.

As per reports, it’s been six days since Stephen Schaefer lost his entire household to a car crash in Henderson, Kentucky.

His wife, 24-year-old Braelen Schaefer, was driving their family vehicle, accompanied by the couple’s one-year-old son, Weston Schaefer, and their two corgi dogs.

Tragically, they were involved in an accident which claimed the lives of all inside the vehicle. The passenger in the other car, 62-year-old Vickie Reutter, also passed away.

Speaking on the devastating loss, Stephen said: “I don’t get to wake up in the morning to see his [Weston] little smiling face and I don’t have to shake the wife and say, ‘Wake up babe it’s time for work’.”

“She was an amazing mom she was my best friend, my confidante, my drinking buddy and I’m going to make her proud. I’m going to keep kicking butt, I’m going to keep the business going. And Weston I’d tell him to be good, but he was always good. I’d want him to know how much his papa loves him and I’m just so happy I’ve got them looking out for me now.”

Braelen reportedly died after being airlifted to hospital, while little Weston lost his fight on Sunday.

“Everybody that I’ve talked to, ‘There’s just no words. I couldn’t imagine.’ and I’m like ‘Neither could I,” Shaefer continued.

“Braelen not being there in that moment was terrible because who do you turn to in these sad moments. You’re worried. You’re concerned. You turn to your significant other and she’s gone.”

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Ultimately, it was injuries to Weston’s brain that led to his death, but Stephen said hospital workers couldn’t fail to notice how healthy he was otherwise.

Stephen said: “He had passed, but to sit there and him say he’s got a beautiful heartbeat, he’s got beautiful lungs, his kidneys, his blood levels. He’s O positive.”

“I felt this like– almost like Weston was like, ‘Dad this is it. This is what I want to do.’”

As per reports, in a little under a week, Weston has saved an incredible 37 lives with his donations. Stephen is now starting an organization named Weston’s Warriors to raise awareness as to the need for organ donors.

Rest in peace, Braelen, Weston, and Victoria. Sometimes life can be so, so cruel.

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