14-year-old boy beats cancer for the third time – congratulations, Ryan

If you’ve ever watched a loved one face cancer, you’ll know the bitter struggle it involves and the strength – both physical and mental – needed.

Spare a thought, then, for 14-year-old Ryan Morales, who is now in remission from leukemia for the third time!

As per reports, Ryan has spent a lot of his young life in and out of hospitals grappling with the disease. On Thursday 23 July he walked into El Paso Children’s Hospital once more, though this time marked a special occasion.

Credit / Morales Family

The 14-year-old was met by his doctor and nurses, all of whom were holding a sign reading “Happy end of treatment, Ryan.” They then rang the famous bell to signify the end of Ryan’s fight.

“Basically it’s the moment to celebrate, this is the first day of the rest of his life so we are very happy for him,” said Dr. Benjamin Carcamo, Pediatric Oncologist at the hospital.

Ryan could be witnessed running through the hallways at El Paso Children’s Hospital, delighted to be done with what must surely have been an extremely hard chapter in his life.

Credit / Morales Family

“Ryan was a little kid when I met him, it was maybe about 8 years ago that he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia,” said Dr. Carcamo. “He always comes and tries to give hugs to everybody which is difficult with COVID-19 but he tries.”

Ryan has been in remission twice before but recently relapsed, meaning he had to be treated in hospital a third time.

“Thank God he is again in remission and I will say that his chances of being cured are very high,” said Dr. Caracamo.

Congratulations, Ryan! Way to go little man. We’re so happy you treatment appears to have worked and we hope you can continue to live your life now.

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