14-yr-old “has weeks” to find marrow donor after cancer returns – COVID-19 makes it harder finding match


A teenage girl in a desperate fight against leukemia has “just weeks” to find a suitable bone marrow donor after her cancer returned.

According to BBC News, 14-year-old Amy Bartlett, of West Bridgford, UK, was coming to the end of two years worth of treatment when she was dealt a devastating blow. Her cancer has returned and she now needs a transplant.

Complicating matters is the current COVID-19 pandemic, which has made it even harder than usual to find a matching donor.

Little Amy was first diagnosed with leukemia aged 12 after experiencing pain in her wrists and ankles. She underwent the most intensive course of chemotherapy administered to children with the disease, having to tackle numerous additional problems as a result.

As per reports, Amy had liver problems and allergic reactions to medications, as well as developing steroid induced diabetes.

Her treatment plan was scheduled to end on July 4, but two weeks ago doctors informed her family that the cancer had returned.

Mom Marie said: “It ripped my heart out to tell her and hold her whilst trying to convince her that she had done it once and she could do it again.”

In a bid to tackle the relapse, Amy has started over with the chemotherapy, but she’s now in urgent need of a bone marrow transplant.

“We need to find a match for Amy ideally within the next two to three weeks, so time is of the essence,” Marie said. Amy’s brother has already been tested, but unfortunately isn’t a match.

Nottingham University Hospitals, where Amy is undergoing treatment, have said that recruitment drives cannot be held as they usually would, due to COVID-19, but people can still sign up to donate here.

I can’t imagine the pain and worry Amy’s family must be going through right now. We’re sending all our prayers and thoughts to this little girl as she fights for her life.

Please share this article so that we can help the drive to find a new marrow donor for Amy. By spreading the word you could potentially help to save this little girl’s life.

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