16-year-old girl with special needs asks for birthday cards after no one shows up to her party


As parents, there’s nothing we want more than to see our children healthy and happy.

I don’t know about you, but the idea of my children feeling left out or alone pains me beyond words. Call me naive, but I live each day hoping that they’ll have nothing but positive experiences.

Which is why I feel for one mom from Rustburg, Virginia, who recently planned her daughter’s 16th birthday, only for no one from her school to show up.

Credit / Kristina’s Family

As per reports, Kristina Bryan, who goes by the name Tina, turned 16 on September 18. Mom Angel Neighbors says her family had planned a party to celebrate the occasion, but not a single person showed.

Tina, who has special needs, was left devastated.

“She feels like it is because she has special needs and she’s different than everybody, so ever since then she has gone into a big depression,” Angel said.

Credit / Kristina’s Family

Tina reportedly loves Barbie Dolls, but her mom is hoping to show her how loved she is by asking people to send her birthday cards from across the country.

Angel said her aim is to prove to Tina that people do care. She believes the cards will lift her daughter’s spirits during this tough time.

Anyone who would like to send Tina a birthday card can send one to the following address:

2904 Bethany Road

Rustburg, Va. 24588

I really hope Tina gets the birthday cards that make her happy. Just the thought of my child being left disappointed on their birthday is enough to make me fell sad.

Please, join us in wishing Tina a very Happy Birthday and many happy returns.

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