21-year-old fit and healthy mom dies from stroke after beating COVID-19 – rest in peace


The shock and devastation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic may be beginning to wane, but the raw truth of the matter is that the virus is still claiming lives.

21-year-old mother Madeline Taylor was healthy, happy, and ambitious. As per reports, she had moved to Atlanta, Georgia in order to fulfil her dream of becoming a make-up artist.

She was diagnosed with COVID-19 near the beginning of the pandemic, but was able to make a full recovery. Sadly, the health scare was a foreboding omen of what was to come.

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Madeline’s aunt, Kim Hicks, described her niece as being “full of joy and life”, and said she lived for her baby girl.

“I mean, oh my gosh she loved that baby,” Kim said. “She was an amazing mom, amazing mom.”

When she came down with coronavirus, her family were naturally worried, but Kim told how she was able to pull through without the need for serious medical attention:

“She was sick for about a week and just throwing up and no energy, but young and strong, she pulled through.”

Just four months later however, Kim’s health took a turn for the worse.

“She was 21, healthy. She just thought she had the flu or a virus or something,” Kim said. She was taken to hospital, but couldn’t have known the acute nature of the problem.

20 minutes before Kim could reach her niece, a friend of Madeline’s called to deliver earth-shattering news: Madeline had passed away from a stroke.

YouTube / 11Alive

“They said that it could have been a blood clot from having COVID, and that they were seeing a lot of blood clots with COVID,” Kim said.

“We don’t know enough about the virus. You don’t know what it’s going to do to you. We don’t know.”

Indeed, Kim went on to warn others to continue to take the virus seriously. “Love one another and enjoy, you know, don’t waste a second. Let everybody know – your loved ones know – you love them because you don’t know if you’ll get to tell them again. It’s just so hard to believe I won’t get to tell her that again.”

Such a tragic story. It breaks my heart to think that innocent people are being taken away from the world so young, through no fault of their own.

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