3-year-old makes friends with group of kids at park, when it comes time for birthday cake she’s denied a piece


Picture this: you’re at the park with your little one and they’ve started playing with a group of children. That group of children are all from a birthday party, which your child was not invited to.

When it comes time for cake everyone runs over to get a slice, but when it’s your child’s turn they’re denied a piece of cake.

Should they have been given a piece? At least one mother thinks so, and her response to the situation has gone viral.


No cake for me thanks, I’m full…of rage👹

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Kat Stickler and her three-year-old daughter Mary-Katherine, who goes by MK, were at a local park in Florida when MK befriended a group of children. She didn’t know it, but the children were all attending a birthday party at the park.

The new group of friends played together for approximately 30 minutes, but what happened after they were done playing made Stickler upset and caused her to film a TikTok.

“I’m going to mom shame. The only people I’ve ever mom shamed are myself and my own mother. But one other mother is going to be added to the list,” she said in her video.

Stickler said she thought the group was welcoming her daughter with “open arms,” but it turned out that wasn’t the case.

Photo by Victoria Rodriguez on Unsplash

When it was time for cake Stickler said she walked over to the table with her daughter “as a formality,” but when it was MK’s turn she was told she couldn’t have any.

“The mother takes the plate away from MK, and gets down to her level and says, ‘You can not eat this cake, OK? This is not your birthday party. These are not your friends. Where’s your mother?’”

Stickler said she was right by her daughter, and at that moment her “mama bear” came right out. She admits she was upset in the moment, but after having time to think about it she’s now asking viewers if she’s “entitled or was this messed up?”

Many comments on the now viral video asked about MK’s reaction to the situation. Stickler said her daughter was “fine,” especially because she took her to get ice cream after.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Let us know in the comments and then share the story to keep the conversation going.


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