8-year-old gets joy from mowing lawns for first responders and helping to feed the hungry – thank you, Grayson


Some people are just born with kindness and compassion in their hearts. You know the types of people I’m talking about: those who go above and beyond for others, simply because they want the world to be a better place.

One young boy named Grayson Winfield certainly falls into such a category. The eight-year-old, from South Carolina, is the son of two firefighters, and boy does he take after them with regards to his capacity to care for others.

From the age of four, Grayson has exhibited a willingness to help. As per reports, he rounded up his Christmas presents to give them to the less fortunate.

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Gepostet von Helping Footprint am Freitag, 24. Juli 2020

Fast forward to today and – along with the help of his parents – he’s set up Helping Footprint, an organization aimed at lending support to anyone who needs a helping hand.

Not only that, but he uses his spare time to mow lawns for first responders and the elderly and helps to feed the hungry in his local community. He says when he grows up, he wants to be in the Navy.

He told CNN: “Helping others is the right thing to do. Also, JFK was in the Navy before becoming president, and I want to follow his lead.”

Gepostet von Helping Footprint am Freitag, 1. Mai 2020

Grayson’s current goal (with the help of his brother and foster brother) is to mow five lawns a week. His brother Garrett, meanwhile, prepares snacks for those who might be hungry.

Helping Footprint have a Facebook page that was set up early this year, and it’s almost at 1,000 followers.

Stevie Winfield, Grayson’s mom, told how her son’s compassion led to its inception.

“He asked how people will keep their homes and feed their children if they aren’t working,” she said. “That is truly what started Helping Footprint take off.”

Just … wow. Grayson, you’re a true inspiration to others, and a superstar in your community.

Please join us in sending thanks and praise to this young boy for the fantastic work he’s doing.

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