A Best Friend


A Best Friend
If there should be anyone who motivates me and keeps me going, in moments I thought I will never pass through; it should be my best friend.
A best friend isn’t necessarily someone you chat with every day; it is who you love unconditionally, regardless of your time apart.
If there something I have learned so far; it should be distance not being a barrier for friendship, because out of sight isn’t out of mind.

Having my best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
She is the sister I never had; she became my mom that was long gone. I don’t know how she fits perfectly into every space in my life.
I can remember the day we met; we never started on a friendly note as I was a hell of a pompous child. I wasn’t spoilt, no one knew why I became rude all of a sudden and no one ever cared to ask. What everyone thought was that I was a spoilt kid whom no one should mess with.
We almost fought the first day we met, because she stepped on my toes and refused to apologize; I guess she was the first person to ever stand up to me.
Things took turns, and we ended up as sit partners, I got to know she’s a nice person whom people perceived as rude.
When we got to know we were similar in many ways, we clicked immediately.
We became each other’s backbone and listening ear.
I love my best friend so much, and will never trade her for anything.

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