A Letter To My Grandchildren

A letter to my grandchildren
Today I want to send a special greeting to my grandchildren.
I thank God for giving me the grace and strength to meet beautiful kids like you.
I never for once imagined that I would be around when my child has their kids.
I had kids very late because of circumstances. I can remember when I had my first has your father. I never, for once, believed I was pregnant. I was in my late forties, and I was the popular barren woman in the neighborhood.
I was taunted for not being able to produce a child after twenty-eight years of marriage. My home was almost broken because my in-laws were pushing for a second wife or a baby mama.
My husband was so devastated and started keeping late nights. I felt my world crumbling. It was at the point I called on my God to restore my home. I was medically fit and couldn’t place my hands on why I wasn’t bringing forth children.
A few years later, I had your father before your aunt come through. Joy was restored in my home. They are the best gifts I ever had in this life. They consoled me and put my enemies to shame.
I treasure them so much and won’t want you kids to stress them or give them headaches. They were the perfect kids when they were small. They became the exemplary kids in the neighborhood.
They will forever remain my treasure, the same as you people. Thanks for being in my life. Be the best kid to your parents and take care of them at old age as they are doing for me. I love you.

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