A mother is like a shooting star


A mother is like a shooting star that passes through one’s life only once.
A mother is like a light; when she goes off, you will never see her.
Having someone you call mother and she acts like one is one of the greatest blessings ever.
Cherish your mother every day; you might not know the day her lights might go off.
My mother is my warrior and queen in shining armor. You fight my wars as if they are yours. My mouth will always speak of your good deeds and everything you taught.
If I am to write a story, mom, I will write a million pages, and all my intentions won’t be complete.
You are the best soul I have ever met. If someone told me that angels exist in human form, I wouldn’t believe it until I came to know you.
You are my mother and best friend. You are the siblings,’ God denied me. You have always reasoned with me and acted like my twin in cases I never taught you could understand. Typical scenarios other parents could beat up their children or shun them; you never did, you taught me with love and care.
You taught me how to handle the unimaginable; you turned me to be a great mother, just like you. Even in my next world, I won’t wish for another person as a mom, if not you. I will treasure you every minute of my life. You are my rare gem and selfless hero, and I will love you forever.

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