A Mother’s Love


A mother’s love
Someday I know I will become a mother, a mother full of prospects and plans for her children.
I grew up having the best woman as a mother. She raised me single-handedly. Dad was always busy with his business and still had a lot of business trips.
My mom never let me feel the absence of having a dad; she correctly filled in every aspect of my life that I don’t feel his absence.
My mom was always there for me in each step I took in life. She is my confident and motivator. When I wanted to pursue my music career, she gave me her full support, unlike other of my friends whose parents chose for them their career.
She always advised me on what’s right to choose and never forces me to go against my will.
She is the exemplary model of who a mother should be. Having a mother and best friend in one person is the greatest gift over.
You have been my greatest strength over the years; I will always appreciate you every day. You are the best mother.
I won’t hesitate to tell my children about you when I have them. I will always treat them as angels as I learned from the best. My children will be proud to call you, grandma.
I will always be there for my kids, as you have always been there for me.
My children will never have to wonder where to go for a hug, love, or support. I will always be there for them, no matter how old they are.

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