Abandoned mini egg found by animal lover, now hatched and grown into a beauty


Alwyn Wills is renowned for his YouTube channel, “A Chick Called Albert,” where he shares videos showcasing various birds and their lives, from egg to full-fledged beauty.

Animal lovers worldwide appreciate his films, but one video, in particular, has captured special attention.

While browsing in a pet store, Alwyn noticed a lone mini egg in one of the cages.

There was no sign of a mother bird nearby.

The store owner explained that the mother had been sold, leaving the egg abandoned without anyone to care for it.

Alwyn, by now an expert on birds, understood the seriousness of the situation. The egg needed someone to care for it, so he volunteered.


The pet store owner agreed to his offer, and Alwyn brought the egg home.

He placed the egg in an incubator, where he carefully monitored it until it showed signs of life – a heartbeat – after four days. From then on, Alwyn had to turn the egg three times a day.

Nineteen days later, the egg began to hatch. Inside, he glimpsed the tiniest of chicks he had ever seen. As the little chick emerged from its shell, Alwyn could see that the little one had a good chance of survival.

Alwyn fed the tiny chick with milk, and it eagerly pecked away.

As soon as the parakeet began to grow and develop feathers, Alwyn realized that the creature was truly something special. It was the smallest and most beautiful parakeet he had ever seen.


When the little parakeet was big enough to fly, it was time for a reunion with its father.

Alwyn brought the parakeet home to meet its father, and the two immediately bonded. Alwyn believes they recognized each other.

He thought they recognized each other – just as a human parent would recognize their child, even if they had just met.

Now we understand why this is one of his viewers’ favorite videos. He took a chance on caring for a little egg, and it paid off when he saw how it grew and reunited with its father.

As we reflect on this heartwarming tale, let it serve as a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness can lead to remarkable outcomes.

And in the end, it’s the love we share with our fellow creatures that truly makes life beautiful – share this article on Facebook if you agree!



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