Abusive trolls attack influencer and her shaggy pits, see her brilliant response


Flaunting her hairy armpits, Fenella Fox claps back at online trolls who want to “puke,” thanking them for boosting her profile and earnings, amounting to almost $19,000 each month.

Despite the hate that flows into her social media, some fans are also obsessed by the influencer, one even threatened to unfollow after she shaved.

Keep reading to learn more about this body positive woman!

England’s Fenella Fox has made more than $500,000 by showing her hairy armpits to followers on social media.

Spurning traditional beauty standards, the 30-year-old influencer creates body-positive photos and videos that show off her furry armpits, hoping to inspire other women to do the same.

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“I stopped wearing makeup, stopped styling my hair [and] stopped shaving,” says the long-haired brunette.

“I decided to grow out my body hair and share it with everyone online…Before long my posts went viral, with a lot of people relating to my honesty,” she shares, adding that a lot of women thanked her for embracing her natural shag.

Hairy obsession

Breaking through as a hairy model wasn’t easy.

“I was sexy, I was beautiful but not in a way people knew sexy or beautiful to be. Nowadays…it doesn’t shock people as much. The hate is still bad but far less than it used to be. My comments are mostly positive.”

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And her online audience seems to adore her.

“Love your hairy armpits,” writes one fan. A second shares, “Fenella [that’s a] gorgeous picture I love your beautiful bikini I love your natural hair and beauty you are very beautiful my dear.”

In fact, some fans are so obsessed that when she shared a post shaving her pits it triggered a flood of comments from followers begging her to keep the fur.

“Nooooooooo i loved your hair armpit,” writes one. A second adds, “Don’t like shaving under arms. Hairy is better than shaving.”

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A third was so upset by her cleanly shaved pits that he claimed he would unfollow her: “Once it grows back, then I will start following you again…”

Embracing ‘natural odor’

Since going natural, the “curvy and confident” woman said she decided to take it one step further, and ditched frequent use of deodorant.

“I love the natural smell of my armpits and rarely ever wear deodorant. I believe our diet and lifestyle plays a huge part in how we naturally smell.” She continues, “I wish more people would learn to embrace their natural odour instead of masking it with unnatural scents…A lot of perfume and deodorants just smell unattractive to me.”

Although Fox’s career affords her a life of luxury, including traveling the world and a stately home, she shares that she’s often attacked by trolls online and in real life.

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“There weren’t many women online showing their natural pit hair so it shocked and angered people,” she explains of her early days. “I talked about it a lot online and soon became known as a body positive influencer. I think at the time there weren’t many doing what I was doing so I really stood out and it was actually really scary.”

In 2018, threats against her spilled into the real world and after becoming the victim of stalking, she admits her life “has never been the same.”  

“A man became obsessed with the idea of raping torturing and murdering me,” she explained, adding it was “horrific.”

Since then, she’s trimmed her hours of recording and sharing clips from 12 hours a day to only two. In that time, she earns more than $13,000 each month.

The woman adds, “By choosing pictures where my pits are on display, I like to think I’m making body hair more socially acceptable one step at a time.”

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