After a tough few years, Paris Jackson shares details about her self-finding journey


The late legend Michael Jackson’s daughter Paris Jackson has taken after her father by starting a career in music. The 25-year-old recently seems to be on a journey of self-discovery.

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A few years ago, Paris Jackson opened up about her struggles with mental health. The young woman revealed how she had attempted suicide ‘many times.’ The model discussed her battle with body issues and self-harming as a way to cope with her father’s death.

Paris was just 11 years old when her father died. She was one of three children of the late singer Michael Jackson. The singer shared Paris with her mother Debbie Rowe.

“I was the only girl for the first 10, 11 years of my life. Because I was the only girl, my dad loved playing dress-up. I looked like a porcelain doll and I hated it,” Jackson said.

Following her father’s death, the young girl began living with her grandmother Katherine Jackson and to cope with her feelings, she began eating and became addicted to food.


“Food became an addiction and then a cousin called me fat so I was like, ‘OK, I can’t do that anymore.’ And that’s how I fell into self-harm,” Paris said. The young woman said she felt she would never actually die from her actions considering she always felt “in control.”

She admitted that her self harm was “a distraction from emotional pain” and later also admitted that, “I tried to kill myself many times.”

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“There’s a lot of things that cause a dopamine release,” she said. “Self-harm was one of them, tattoos was one of them and so there was that and then also it was a distraction from emotional pain and transferring to physical pain and the need for control,” the young singer said.

But over the years, it seems like she has matured into a thoughtful young woman who is focused on finding herself. In her latest Instagram posts, the 25-year-old singer and model seems to be on a trip to the desert with her near and dear as well as her beloved dog.


In the first post of the series, she wrote the caption, ‘trying to find my way to [you].’ The first video she posted shows her building a fire, walking through the desert with dogs, and looking carefree as she takes the desert landscape in.

It seems like the trip was a success because the next day, she posted pictures from her trip with the caption, “grateful i get to go home with my sides hurting from laughing so hard, feet hurting from walking so far, and the beautiful star-speckled reminder that none of our day to day bullshit matters even a little bit.”

After she struggled for so many years, it is nice to see Paris Jackson doing well.


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