As i have gotten older


Getting older, I have to realize one thing; human beings can’t be satisfied with whatever you have to offer.
I have realized that pleasing everyone is impossible, but pissing everyone is a piece of cake.
Often, we try to keep our actions in check in other not to hurt someone or just for our moral conscience; we see that is either we get hurt ourselves or the people we are doing it for aren’t appreciating our efforts.
My stepmom is that kind of person. No matter what you do or the services you render to her, she will never get satisfied or get pleased by your actions.
There must be complaints and mistakes in anything I do. I feel frustrated when she won’t only point out your errors; she will taunt you with it.
I stopped trying to please her and displeasing myself. I guess it is easier to piss people than pleasing them.
Many at times, I displease myself in other to please. I choose to place what makes her happy instead of my happiness.
Even after all my sacrifices, she always gets mad at me. I decided to stop trying to please her.
I placed myself and all that matters to me. I started working effortlessly towards pleasing her. It didn’t take long for her to detect my change in character, highlighting that I have changed. Well, I was trying to please you, and you never appreciated it; I will work on pleasing myself.
It is always better to live your life like you are answerable to no one. No matter what you do, people will never get to appreciate your efforts.

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