Be ready for all the storms of life

The storms, challenges, thorns of life are things we keep facing each moment of our life.

Life isn’t always rosy if it was how will one pull-through during trying times. Challenges are part of life. They make us more robust, and we all know that experience is the best teacher.

At some points in our life, we can’t deny the fact that became tired of the storms and raging waters in our life. We have lost hope of everything getting better. Times like this only need you to bow your head and say a prayer. The lord will always make a way where there seems to be no way.

So many people in the process of fighting these storms get drowned by it. It looks like when we fight more; it becomes fiercer. At times it brings the worst out of people. They seem to try getting happiness through the wrong means. Some go into clubbing, smoking, taking alcohol, and other vices.

At that rate, nothing still happens; it doesn’t change for the better. Those vices only bring temporary happiness and tranquillity, and when you back to yourself, that hollowness and more thorns keep lurking around. You will find out that it never helped; you just increased your number of challenges.

When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade out of it. Everything that ever happens in our lives must be for a reason; it can be to make us stronger, it can be for us not to make the same mistake twice, it can be our fate towards something better. God is the master planner and will never allow the storms of life to swallow us. Always talk to him in prayers, he will see you through.

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