Be Yourself


Be yourself
If there is any lesson you should take seriously in life; it should be to be yourself.
Do not change yourself or try to impress others, no matter what you do, they will always complain about what you do.
I was once frustrated and almost regretted my existence. I wish I was long dead and forgotten.
I was once a chubby girl, some people say I’m not chubby; I just have a lot of fats.

I hated myself so much that everyone made jest of me whenever they see me eating.
I couldn’t do what others did, I was in a boarding school and most times do school does hold a picnic.
This is a time you have to showcase your bikini and get people admiring your body.
I only tried that once, and I was the laughing stock of the whole school. Well, when others wear their bikini, I simply remain on my uniforms.
They always told me, I will never lose a pound even if I exercised till my death. I let what they said to get a better part of me, I hated my size and everything.

After high school, I got into college. I was facing a lot, emotional drain, and all that.
I became a shadow of myself; I grew so lean that I couldn’t recognize myself.
Many people started talking, some said I was probably promiscuous, and suffering from a disease. Some said, I was forcing myself to have a model-like body, and I can never get better.
Well, it just taught me one thing; never listen to what people say, just be yourself.

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