Black couple celebrate wedding during Philadelphia’s largest protest – ‘It was the most empowering thing’

Kerry-Anne and Michael Gordon planned to get married on May 26, 2020, but due to the pandemic they decided to postpone the celebration until 2021 and hold a much smaller celebration on June 6, 2020.

But soon it looked like another event would postpone their June celebration, the current Black lives matter movement.

The Philadelphia hotel the couple planned to have their intimate ceremony at notified the couple that protestors planned to demonstrate in front of the building.

“At first our biggest concern was rain,” Kerry Anne told Vogue. “Then it became the protests.”

Despite the protest, which has been estimated to have been Philadelphia’s largest ever, the couple went ahead with their wedding.

“It ended up being a very powerful moment,” Kerry-Anne told ABC News.

Not only are we feeling the movement of the people … but I’m meeting my husband, on our wedding day, as a strong black man and a good representative of who we are as people, what our men are like, what our culture is like. It was just a very, very empowering moment for us considering all of this is happening at one moment in one time.

While it was not the wedding Kerry-Anne and Michael originally imagined, they were both proud to have the peaceful Philadelphia protest as their backdrop.

“The energy and passion and moment, everything that was going on, was just blowing through her. It was the most empowering thing to be there at that moment,” Michael said.

“The narrative of love, of Black love, doesn’t always get put out there. But that’s what [the movement] is about, that’s what we’re looking for. Black love is a beautiful thing. Black love exists. Black love is powerful.”

Congratulations to the happy couple! What a beautiful way to begin their new life.

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