Brave man reunites with gorilla he raised – despite warnings he gets too close


Sometimes, people and animals can have extraordinary connections, which at times surpass any other bond there is. This is such a story of an incredible bond no one expected.

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A meeting between an animal and a human is something special. Even though we can’t communicate with each other through words, there are so many other ways we are able to understand each other.

When animal lover Damian Aspinall got to meet the gorilla Kwibi in his work with his own foundation, the Aspinall Foundation, it was an encounter he would not soon forget.

For a long time, Damian was by the gorilla’s side before it was time for Kwibi to be released into the wild after being trapped.


Neither of them ever thought that their paths would cross again, but it would turn out that fate wanted it differently.

When they met each other again, long after their first meeting – no one could have guessed exactly how it would go.

All his life, Damian has worked to help gorillas in captivity to be free and adjust to freedom. It was around this work that he came across a gorilla that came to change his whole life.

When Damian met the gorilla who was named Kwibi, hardly any of them knew that it would be a meeting that would change both their lives.


They had an instant connection, and it was as if they had known each other all their lives.

Damian and Kwibi became each other’s very best friends and had so much fun together. But when Kwibi had turned five years old, it was time to part ways. The gorilla needed to be returned to the wild and given the chance to live life with other gorillas. It was an emotional farewell, and Damian had to say goodbye with a heavy heart.

Neither of them knew that their paths would cross again – but years later it would turn out that it was their destiny to find each other again. Damian, who continued her work with the foundation, helped other gorillas back to freedom.

He kept thinking about his beloved friend and always wondered what had happened to Kwibi. And after some time after they parted ways, Damian received the first shocking news about his good friend.


Others had warned Damian that it was no use for him to seek out his friend.

Kwibi had been reported to have become extremely aggressive, mainly towards other people, and approaching him could pose a danger to Damian’s life.

But it didn’t matter what anyone else said, he was determined to meet Kwibi again.

Damian wanted to see his old friend again and he was sure meeting him would make Kwibi comfortable with humans again. So he plucked up the courage to defy all warnings and meet his beloved friend again.

And it would be a meeting that no one had been able to prepare for.


As soon as they meet, they start communicating in their own special way, and it’s hard not to smile when they seem to understand each other instantly.

They are seen close together opposite each other and there is no doubt that Kwibi longed for his friend as much as Damian did.

Kwibi hugs his beloved friend, and there is no doubt that the gorilla does not want to lose Damian. Now that they have finally found each other, they will be able to reconnect and build back their relationship as they wanted.

After a while, it’s time for Damian to leave her friend, albeit temporarily. The next day, their paths cross again when Damian is out swimming. Then Kwibi reappears and the two of them get more time together.

Check out the video of their reunion below:


  • She grows up with gorillas. 12 years later when they’re reunited? This left me speechless!
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A wonderful friendship that really warms my heart! So nice to see the friendship between this gorilla and a human.

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