Cheap husband spends thousands on friends’ gifts, wife is ‘shocked’ after seeing how much hers cost


A woman is going to be celebrating her first Christmas as a married couple with her husband, but has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on a recent discovery she made.

The 35-year-old woman, who has been together with her partner for three years and married for one, found something rather unexpected when she accidentally stumbled upon his Christmas list.

Traditionally, they purchased and exchanged gifts separately. This time, however, she felt hurt after finding that her husband was prioritizing extravagant gifts for friends and family, leaving the cheapest gift for her.

At the top of his list were lavish gifts like a $600 wristwatch for a co-worker, a $250 bracelet for his sister-in-law, and $900 workout gear for a friend. Eager to see what thoughtful gift awaited her, the woman was shocked to find her name next to a stainless steel kitchen spoon set worth about $20.

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Feeling hurt, she confronted her husband, saying she felt disappointed in his lack of consideration. He defended his actions, saying he had every right to gift as he pleased since he bought the items with his money. The woman, however, insisted that the value of the gift wasn’t the issue; rather, it was his lack of thoughtfulness that hurt her.

The confrontation then continued to escalate. “I argued that he was disrespecting me and dismissing my feeling with the gift he chose to get me, not to mention that I spend a lot of money for his gifts to buy him his favorite shoe/gaming brands,” the woman wrote.

“He got upset and said I was acting like an ungrateful, spoiled brat and urged me to get rid of this attitude and accept what I’m giving. The argument got worse and we stopped talking to each other,” she continued.

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Seeking advice on Reddit, the woman found support for her feelings. “If one of my coworkers spent so much more on me than on their own spouse, I would be SERIOUSLY weirded out,” one person wrote. “If my BIL got me a $250 bracelet I’d be extremely uncomfortable. Throw in the fact that he only spent $20 on spoons for his wife I’d be appalled,” someone else added.

Others even warned the woman that her husband’s actions were red flags, saying: “That’s a huge red flag to dote and shower others with gifts and not your significant other…but expect them to get you nice things in return. It’s beyond disrespectful.”

Overall, the consensus was that the woman’s feelings were valid, and her husband’s actions warranted some deep reflection about the future of their relationship.

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