Chris Watts “revealed guilt” with four gestures and a look of ‘genuine pleasure’, expert says


When Chris Watts was arrested for the murder of his pregnant wife and two young daughters nobody could believe the horror of his crimes.

It was revealed that the child killer had started a relationship with a co-worker and authorities say murdered his family so he could be with her.

The eyes of the world were on Watts after the chilling events of August 13, 2018 transpired, they even became the subject of a Netflix documentary “American Murder: The Family Next Door.”

To anyone who knew this family they appeared to have it all. But for reasons only Watts will ever know, the 35-year-old strangled his wife Shanann at their home in Colorado and then smothered his daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3.

RAW: Chris Watts, husband of missing Frederick woman, interviewed by  Denver7's Tomas Hoppough - YouTube

Shanann, 34, was found in a shallow grave near their home in Colorado while her daughters were discovered stuffed in nearby tanks of crude oil.

The 36-year-old pleaded guilty and was sentenced to five consecutive life sentences for the brutal slayings.

Now a body expert says Watts gave away his guilt from the moment he went on camera and appealed for his family to come home.

The seemingly upset dad made several TV appeals in the days that followed their killings claiming they were missing and asking them to return, all while presenting himself as a loving father and husband.

Now, a body language expert claims that during Watt’s appeal certain gestures gave away his sick crimes, as per The Sun.


Dr Cliff Lansley analyzed the footage in the Discovery+ documentary “Chris Watts: A Faking It Special.”

“If you look at Watts’ face in more detail with a close-up, on the left-hand side you’ll see baseline. This is Watts’ normal face during the non-emotional parts of the interview,” he said.

“But on the right, when he says, ‘I just want them back,’ and he’s talking about his children here, you see the lip corners raised; you see the eyes tighten.

“His cheeks are raised. This combination of these two muscles is an indicator of genuine pleasure.”

Chris Watts case investigators are still reeling: 'How does this happen?'

On top of this, Dr Lansley examines a “hand shrug” which rotates clockwise as Watts looks straight at the camera and asks his family to come home.

Dr Lansley said this along with the closing of his eyes and a slight head shake, means: “We’ve got a cluster of four behaviors which say there’s nothing in this statement that you have confidence in, because it’s not true.”

On Sunday Watts marked his 36th birthday in jail at the maximum security Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupan, Wisconsin. He has reportedly been placed in protective custody to stop him being attacked.


A source who regularly speaks to Watts told People magazine that inmates and guards try to avoid him.

The source said: “No one wants anything to do with him. He’s on the lowest social tier of the entire prison.

“He’s in protective custody because if he’s around other inmates, he’d be in real danger. He’s an outcast, even among criminals.

“He’s probably the most hated man in that prison,” the source says, “because he killed children. There’s a definite pecking order in jail, and someone who hurts or kills kids is at the very bottom.”

Nothing can be done to bring Shanann and her children back but I think for a young man like Chris Watts having to spend the rest of his life this way is probably a fate worse than death.

I hope he is reminded of his horrific crimes every day by those that surround him.

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