Couple get married in unlicensed wedding with 200 guests – cause new outbreak of COVID-19

Despite the world shutting down in an attempt to spread this potentially deadly virus which looms over all of us, cases continue to rise as thousands across the world have returned to normality.

Most of us are being safe, still socially distancing, limiting our outings and wearing masks in an effort to protect ourselves and others but sadly many are acting as if this pandemic doesn’t exist.

Just this weekend a wedding was held in the Nuevo Leon area of Mexico which was attended by 200 guests who were dancing together and hugging.

De acuerdo con el regidor de San Pedro Garza García, Javier González Alcántara, aseguró que varios de los 200 asistentes a la boda están contagiados.

Gepostet von Revista Proceso am Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2020

Unsurprisingly and tragically a number of coronavirus cases have been reported by those who attended the wedding and the celebration has been condemned by the local mayor and a councilman who said the wedding was held without permission.

Normally events such as these would pass by without any negative comment and certainly wouldn’t make front-page news but sadly we’re not living in normal times.

Videos were posted on Twitter of the celebration which shows only servers at the wedding wearing masks and guests do not appear to be observing any social distancing practices.

The mayor Miguel Treviño de Hoyos has branded the couple “selfish” and said the party had sabotaged the work that both the municipality and the citizens have done to control the coronavirus pandemic, local media outlet reports.

Meanwhile, local independent councilor Javier González Alcántara, said on social media that the wedding was held without the permission of the city council and also caused a coronavirus outbreak among the guests.

He appealed to the people who attended to take a test and isolate themselves until they get the results, as reported by

As of July 1, Mexico had 226,000 cases and more than 27,000 deaths.

I’m astounded that this wedding went ahead with so many people. It’s one of the reasons why cases are increasing with too many people ignoring the dangers out there.

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