Couple that has been married for 51 years both die of coronavirus 6 minutes apart

Corona Virus pandemic has claimed a lot of lives than expected. The tragic death of a couple in their late seventies has been recorded as one of the heights of it. The Florida-based couple died at six minutes interval from each other. This couple was neither suffering from any illness nor unclear medical conditions. According to sources they were perfectly in good health before the pandemic.

It was a great tragedy when Mr. and Mrs. Baker suddenly developed symptoms of the Virus in mid-March and passed away on March 29, which was on Sunday, barely six minutes apart from each other.

The family took it upon themselves to public awareness about the ravaging pandemic, and optimistically hoping that people will work as a team with the government and adhere to all safety rules and protocols.

When one of the family members, specifically the deceased son was speaking with CNN, he begged the public not to let his ‘’parents passing be in vain’’. He said that ‘’until it touches somebody you know or hear a story, you kind of feel removed from it’’.

Their health situation was deteriorating.

The family never imagined that their parent could pass away so easily. They hoped for the recovery of their parents.

When they started feeling sick and ailing initially, they were asked to get some rest. There were no symptoms of the virus even after the couple went for a test twice. They were sent home to self-isolate.

Things took turns and Mr. Stuart Baker was admitted to the hospital before his Mrs. Adrian Baker. They were later moved to the same room as they weren’t showing signs of improvement and heir Oxygen level dropped below normal.

They were still together even in the last moments of their lives.

Baker, the son of the deceased wishes people could learn from his parents’ death and stay at home.

He said everyone should obey the government rules and obey health authorities. He hoped everyone can learn from their story.  

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