Customer surprises Denver restaurant staff with $6,800 tip

As we inch towards the one-year mark of the pandemic, people are still struggling to remain on their feet, especially those who work in the service industry.

Many didn’t have a job for months as their places of employment remained closed due to government restrictions or because they didn’t have the funds to stay open. And those who had a job haven’t been able to earn as much because people have been extremely cautious about going out to eat.

Someone, who has become known in the Denver area as the “COVID Bandit,” wanted to make sure some people in the food service industry got a little help.

Guard and Grace Executive Chef Adam Stephens guiding the "Ohana" in the daily preshift. #guardandgrace #passion #caring #cheflife

Posted by Guard and Grace on Wednesday, February 19, 2020

According to reports, the man, who has yet to be identified, recently visited Guard and Grace in Denver. While at the modern steakhouse he ordered a bottle of wine and then asked how many people were working.

“It kind of raised a couple eyebrows, like ‘Oh, who is this guy?’,” Tim Metzger, one of the servers who was working that night, said. 

When the time came for the man to pay his bill, he added on a $6,800 tip and instructions that ever employee receive a $200 tip.

Who the heck is this COVID BANDIT??!! Whoever this person is …, thank you so much for your act of kindness and your…

Posted by Troy Guard on Saturday, February 20, 2021

Before the COVID Bandit left, he spoke to all the employees and thanked them for working and expressed how he couldn’t imagine what they’re dealing with.

And then he was on his way.

“After spending five of the last 12 months closed, something like that, following through… the impact, not just the dollar value, it just helps with lifting everybody’s spirits,” a line cook said.

The COVID Bandit previously left a $1,400 tip at a cafe in Estes Park, telling each of the seven employees working that day to take $200.

Will he strike again? Where will he strike again? No one knows.

Maybe we can use this man’s kindness as inspiration and tip our servers a little more next time we order food at a restaurant.

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