David Beckham’s 11-year-old daughter was called ‘too fat,’ dad does what he has to do to protect daughter


David Beckham and Victoria Beckham are perhaps one of the most well-recognized and well-loved couples globally. The couple has fans all around the world. But of course with so many fans and eyes on you at all times, there are also negatives.

Keep reading to learn more about what the couple’s youngest child had to go through…

David Beckham who is a renowned soccer player and his wife Victoria Beckham who is formerly a Spice Girl turned fashion designer are both parents to four children. The couple had three sons so when they found out their fourth child was going to be a girl, they were both over the moon.


The couple’s eldest son is Brooklyn Joseph Beckham, who was born in 1999 just a few short months before his parents’ wedding. After him followed his younger brothers; Romeo James Beckham in 2002 and Cruz David Beckham in 2005.

Then in 2011, they prepared to welcome their fourth child. The idea of a baby had the family excited but when they found out it was a girl, they were all over the moon. Harper Seven Beckham was born on July 10, 2011.

The entire world was watching when little Harper was born and she has dealt with eyes being on her since she opened her eyes. Of course with this level of scrutiny comes negative comments. Even as a mere baby she would be the target of ruthless comments.


“I hear poor little Harper Beckham is already too fat to wear her Mother’s clothes,” a Twitter user commented. Even as a toddler, the little girl was getting fat-shamed which is horrible.

It was in 2017 when the family went to an outing at the beach when pictures of little Harper emerged which set everyone talking once again. Social media users commented how the little girl should have ‘lost her baby weight by now.’ Another user wrote about the young girl, “Seems like someone eats too much unhealthy food 😢😢.”

While it is understandable that comments like these upset her parents, they still choose not to respond and take the higher road. However, when asked about it Victoria Beckham said, “Harper isn’t on social media, so we don’t have to worry about that just yet. But seeing how cruel people can be, yes it really does [concern me]. She’s at that age where her body is going to start changing, but it’s about making sure that we communicate a lot as a family and she surrounds herself with nice friends.”


It seems the professional athlete makes sure he shields his daughter from all the negativity and teaches her not to care. He routinely posts about cheeky outings the father-daughter duo have together. In a post, he showed how the two of them sneaked away to get gelato very early in the morning, in the caption for the video he wrote “Don’t tell mummy.” 

The former English football team captain often takes his little girl on dates and spends a lot of quality time with her. It is obvious that the two of them have a wonderful relationship with one another and he shows her how she ought to be treated.

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The little girl has her own sense of style and often chides her mother for her choices. Victoria Beckham shared how once she was showing her little girl some pictures of her in yesteryear when she was a Spice Girl. She said her daughter saw her revealing outfit and commented how she would “absolutely not” wear something like that herself.

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It is so nice to see that the Beckham family makes sure to shield their daughter from the negativity some people can spew online. Share this piece with others to inspire them!

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