Doctor delivers baby boy 25 years after delivering his mom in the same hospital


Dr Bryan Cox has been delivering babies for the last 33 years, but his latest delivery will be one he’ll never forget.

When he delivered Lauren Cortez 25 years ago he sang Happy Birthday and a picture was taken of him holding baby Lauren as a young doctor just out of medical school.

Fast forward 25 years and Dr Cox found himself delivering Lauren’s baby boy Logan James, born on July 26 weighing 6 pounds, 1 ounce, CNN reports.

He was born on July 26 at Methodist Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, the same hospital Lauren was born in.


A photo was taken of the dedicated doctor holding Lauren’s baby, a photo her mom asked her to take, who couldn’t be with Lauren when she gave birth because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“She (Lauren’s mom) knew right away he would be so willing to recreate those pictures, we all loved it so much. It was a very special moment and I can’t wait to share the story with Logan one day,” Lauren told CNN.

She posted the two pictures on Twitter with the caption: “25 years later, the doctor who delivered me also delivered our son!!”. The post has since received almost 800,000 likes.

Dr Cox told CNN this particular delivery was “very special.”


“What made this with Lauren so wonderful is just how much I adore her and how much I adore her mother,” he said.

“I watched her when she was a baby, I saw her when she was 2 years old, and then I got see her throughout her entire pregnancy. It was just very special.”

Lauren said it’s clear how much the babies he delivers and the families he helps mean to Dr Cox.

“With him it’s not just about the baby. He cares about us as people and our lives,” Lauren said, as per UNILAD.

“When Logan was born he sang him Happy Birthday, just as he had done to me when I was born. It’s one of his signature things.”

The feeling of family that Lauren had with Dr. Cox was later proved after she discovered they were distant relatives through his wife.

“It was so freaky. Dr Cox went from feeling like family to somehow becoming family. Now what are the odds of that?” Lauren added.

As if this moment wasn’t special enough but what an honor to have the same doctor in both deliveries; it’s obvious how much this doctor cares.

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