Dog rescued from the street gets to pick out his first-ever toy in heartwarming video

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs absolutely love their toys. Give a dog a stuffed animal or ball and they’re truly in heaven. But sadly, some dogs don’t have any toys of their own, missing out on the joys of playtime.

That was the case for one woman’s pet dog, who she adopted from China — but she made things right with a life-changing trip to the toy store, as seen in a heartwarming viral video.

Courtney Yarbrough is the owner of a rescue golden retriever named Archie, who was found tied-up and starving on the streets of China. Since he arrived in America, he has been living his best life with his new family.

Videos on Courtney’s TikTok page show the Archie cuddling up with his owners in his new home, enjoying car rides and pup cups.

And one particularly heartwarming video shows a very special trip to the store. Coming from the streets of China, Archie had never had any toys to play with.

So, the new owners took him to the pet store and let him pick out his very first toys. Video shows the dog taking in all the options and carefully making his choice.

“He was so excited hie stopped at every bin and smelled each one before making a decision,” Courtney wrote.

“We’ve made up for lost time with endless amounts of toys and love.”

Many people asked what toy Archie chose, and Courtney shared a follow-up video revealing that he picked out a stuffed animal that is “his absolutely favorite toy still to this day.”

“He carries it around with him everywhere,” Courtney wrote.

What a sweet moment — we’re glad that Archie has a great new life and gets to enjoy toys for the first time ❤️