Don’t Forget About Mom! Here are 15 Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Online


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With March finally (finally!) behind us and May quickly approaching, now is a probably good time to remind you that Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I know you’re crazy overwhelmed right now, believe me I know. Don’t forget about mom, though! Remember, she never forgot about you. With shipping delays on everything deemed “non-essential,” NOW is the best time to start shopping for her. If you need some ideas, take a look at a few wonderfully thoughtful & meaningful Mother’s Day gifts that you can buy online and have shipped directly to her.

Don't forget about mom! Even if you can't spend the day with her in person, you can show you're thinking of her with these Mother's Day gift ideas!

Mother’s Day Gifts You Can Buy Online

From gifts that pamper to boredom busters to ideas that show her you’re thinking of her health, these Mother’s Day gift ideas below cover all tastes and budgets.

Just one little note, this post does use affiliate links. That means if you make a purchase through them, I get a small commission, but the price remains the same for you. Thanks!

A really good massage at home

The Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

I think it’s safe to say that we’re all feeling a little tense these days, mom included. While a massage gift certificate is totally off the table this year, this Shiatsu massager can help her relieve some tension in the comfort of her own home.

A little aromatherapy that she can take anywhere

essential oil bracelet

Surround her – and just her- with relaxing scents wherever she goes with a beautiful aromatherapy bracelet. With 8 different inserts, she can swap out scents depending on her mood. She’ll get a pick-me-up whenever she needs it without scenting the entire home (so Dad may just thank you, too).

A notebook filled with love

What I Love about Mom

You’ll have to order this one asap and fill it up yourself before shipping it to her, but it’s so worth it! Imagine how touched she’ll be when she receives a notebook filled with everything you love about her.

New ways to cook old staples

Foodie dice mother's day gifts

These Foodie Dice are so much fun, and since they rely on combinations of just a handful of ingredients, she doesn’t have to buy out an entire grocery store to explore new options. Perfect for moms who always wanted to try new recipes but never really had the time.

A tiny little indoor herb garden

herb garden mother's day gifts

Help mom start her own indoor Victory garden full of the most relaxing herbs that are just perfect for tea. This little kit comes with fantastically beneficial herbs, like peppermint and chamomile. They’re all certified organic, too!

A reminder of you that’s always close to her heart

Bird house

Let her know that even if you’re not able to come spend Mother’s Day with her, you’re always with her. These beautiful engraved necklaces are surprisingly affordable, and you can add whatever message you’d like to them.

Your fingerprint on a ring

Fingerprint ring

If you’re looking for a unique Mother’s Day gift idea, you can’t get much more unique than your fingerprint! Just scan your print and send it in, they’ll put it on a gorgeous ring. I also love this idea as a “first-time grandma” gift.

The ultimate gift for moms who love to travel

scratch off map

If you’re “I love to travel” mom is going a little stir crazy now that she has to stay home, give her a little something that will kickstart a walk down memory lane. As she scratches off each place she’s been, she’ll remember all of her travels and relive the very best moments from each trip. When she’s done, she’ll have a beautiful wall hanging!

A way to track her reading habits

mother's day gifts

For moms who prefer to travel the world through the pages of a book, help her keep track of where she’s been (and what she’s read) with a fun book journal. It even has space for books she’d like to read next.

A childhood classic updated for mom

don't forget mom

Coloring relieves so much stress, something we all definitely need right now! Give mom a set of beautiful grown-up coloring books and a box of beautiful colored pencils. Trust me, it’s a wonderful way to pass long days stuck inside. Maybe you could even join her and share pictures of your artwork during your next Facetime chat.

A set of “daytime” jammies

gifts for moms

With everyone working from home, we’re all laughing about how we change into our “daytime” jammies in the morning. Let mom in on the fun with this super classy set of PJs that she could totally pull off wearing to a Zoom meeting. They come in a ton of colors, including plenty that actually look like a real pantsuit!

A healthier way to make ice-cream


While fruits and veggies are hard to find some days right now, there’s one staple that still seems plentiful in the produce section- bananas. Thankfully, they’re also the one ingredient mom needs to make healthier ice cream! While she could make it with a blender, the Yonanas machine makes it SO much easier (and fun!).

An all-in-one entertainment solution

Kindle Fire 10

Although it’s a little pricier than the other Mother’s Day gift ideas so far, if mom loves reading, watching movies, and playing casual games, it’s totally worth it. While the 7” model is cheaper, the 10” Kindle Fire is a bit easier to read for mom’s aging eyes. Think of it more like a hardcover format book rather than a paperback. Plus, it streams hi-def movies and lets her take her mind off things with her favorite casual games.

The world’s most soothing blanket

weighted blanket

There’s a reason why weighted blankets are all the rage right now. Research shows they help reduce anxiety. The problem? Some of them can be extremely expensive! This one has fantastic reviews, though, and it won’t completely bust your already-strained budget. It comes in a few colors and a ton of sizes/weights.

A hilarious dose of self-affirmation


Like all of us, mom could definitely use a little “self-affirmation” to remind her that she’ll get through this. Sure, you could get her a sweet little deck of “You are strong, you are beautiful, you are brave” cards, but for moms with a sense of humor, I love this deck of Affirmators! It’s filled with everything you look for in affirmations, minus the self-helpy feel.

Remember, mom has never once forgotten about you, no matter how crazy things got. Believe me, there were some crazy times during your childhood! Maybe not quite as extreme as things are now, but every generation has faced challenges. Mom always made sure you got through it and felt loved. Now, make sure you do the same for her.

Just one last little practical note- Amazon and other online retailers are a little slower than usual with shipping. So, now really is the time to make sure you don’t forget mom, even if it seems a bit early to be thinking about Mother’s Day.

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