Don’t Judge Anyone, Pray For Them


Don’t judge anyone, pray for them
You don’t always have to judge people or make them feel worse of themselves.
You don’t know their story or how they came to be.
To you, he may be a homeless drug addict, but he is someone’s son, grandson, uncle, or friend.
Do you know his story or what changed him? Have you heard his past, or looked after him or even extended a helping hand to him?
Do not judge anyone.
There’s a drug addict I knew; he was everything bad. He beats up his wife at any provocation. He doesn’t provide for the family or care for them.
People always spoke badly of him; children taunted him anytime he returns to the neighborhood drunk and dirty.
Everyone mocked him for being a disgrace to the society and to his family.
No one ever cared to ask what made him like that; people aren’t born drunk and irresponsible. Sometimes, they were pushed by unforeseen circumstances.
He was tagged a threat to his children and wife; anytime he argues with his wife and leads to a fight, people rush into their homes without trying to resolve the matter. They beat him up and called him names no one cared to hear his story. He was already judged as always being the cause of the troubles.
I later found out, he was once a loving and sweet husband, I wanted to know more, what changed him?
During my little chats with him, he opened up to me. His wife changed drastically after fifteen years of their marriage.
Who could believe his four kids aren’t his; his wife was a cheat. After he lost his jobs, things became worse, she always bring her male partners to the house to defile their matrimonial bed.
No one cared for him, he sought solace in alcohol. Don’t judge anyone, pray for them to get better.

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