Don’t Quit Praying


Don’t quit Praying
In life, we often come across circumstances beyond our reach. It seems we can’t get hold of what is happening around us, and the thorns of life are piercing through our hearts. We feel so hurt and down and on the verge of giving up and allowing whatever happens to occur.
Failures and challenges aren’t the ends of life; it is a preparation to make you work harder and less effortlessly. It is a learning experience.
Growing up, I was so dumb and never had a goal in life. I never for once experienced the love of a parent. My dad died on his way to the hospital after my birth; mom heard the news and went into coma. A few days later, she died as my guardian told me.
I felt I am cursed for causing the death of my parents. I thought it was the worse until I became a rape victim and became pregnant.
It was at that point in life; I regretted ever being born into the wicked world. My guardian never helped matters as she always tagged me as an unfortunate child.
Many suicide thoughts crossed my mind. I had no one to talk to or share my pains, and I was gradually dying. I gave up on living and striving for the best. I was on the verge of falling off from the cliff before I noticed something kicking in my tummy.
I felt the child doesn’t deserve to die. I will have the blood of the innocent on my hands. I decided to strive hard no matter whatever I face, at least for my unborn child.
Now I am a mother of a beautiful baby girl and a renowned gynecologist. How time flies, I stood up for myself and trained myself in school. I was working, taking care of my baby girl, and schooling.
I never quit for any reason; I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

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