Eric Trump says people hug him “with tears in their eyes” and tell him how much they miss Donald Trump


Eric Trump has claimed that people hug him in the street with “tears in their eyes” because they miss his dad being president so much, according to Insider.

Donald Trump left the White House back in February under a cloud of controversy after four-years of service.

Having refused to accept the results of the election, the 74-year-old’s final months were marred by delusional claims of fraudulent voting and an attack on the Capitol Building by protestors that became a source of national embarrassment.

Many will remember Trump’s term as president for all the wrong reasons, but it would be remiss not to admit that he still has a great many followers around the U.S.

In fact, it’s been highly touted that he will run for presidency again in 2024, and that he has retained the backing of the Republican party despite his calamitous failings.

In any case, son Eric is amongst his most full-blooded advocates. The 37-year-old went on Fox News on Tuesday night to claim that the general public are so upset that his father is no longer president, that they stop him in the street with “tears in their eyes”.

Eric and Fox’s opinion-dividing host Sean Hannity were debating the state of the United States in the post-Trump world, when Eric made the revelation.

“I can tell you, more people have come up to me on the street in the last week and given me hugs saying, ‘We miss him so much’ — I mean, literally sometimes, Sean, with tears in their eyes — ‘We miss the man so much,’” he said.

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Somewhat ironically, shortly after the interview, it was announced that the Trump Organization is facing criminal charges.

It’s not known if Eric Trump knew about the charges before his appearance on Hannity, but he has a long history of using cable TV to defend the way his dad is treated in the media.

That Donald Trump is coming under fire again should come as a surprise to no one, but the thick-skinned former POTUS has carved a career out of beating the odds and emerging from firestorms virtually unscathed.

What do you think to Eric Trump’s comments? Do people really miss Donald Trump as president?

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