Everyone has a story


Everyone has a story
Before you judge anyone, do you have any idea of what they have been through?
Don’t judge me with my past or my character. You have no idea of my sorrows, doubts, pain.
Life hasn’t been so fair ever since I lost my mom. I became a shadow of myself and started lagging in school work.
People call me a dummy and any abusive word they remember. The teachers weren’t left out in the ridicule. Many times they have stopped me from taking the class test since everyone already knows I am a failure.
No one cares to listen to my story or whatever I passed through. People think it’s my fault that I can’t grasp what is taught in class.
People judge me without trying to know the scars I bear. I have a long story and a painful one.
I lost my mom at an early age and two of my siblings. Dad didn’t mourn mom before remarrying. My stepmom is no better than the devil, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Who can believe I hawk after school to at least feed when my father is a billionaire. Dad isn’t always around, and that makes my stepmom treat us anyhow she likes. To pay my fees and let me live peacefully in the house, to feed, I have to become a maid and a hawker in my father’s house.
Her children do nothing in the house; I have to do everything. I come to school late and spend almost all the school time sleeping because I don’t sleep at home.
Will you still condemn me for being a school dummy? Everyone has a story; don’t judge anyone because of what you see physically; you can never understand the emotional trauma the individual is going through.

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