Family reunited with mother’s wedding ring 34 years after it was lost


For 34 years Mary Cunningham was without her beloved wedding ring.

Her husband Jack had given it to her in 1950 and was left heartbroken after losing it in 1986. Sadly in 2017 Mary, from Scotland, passed away having never found her ring.

But recently her family was thrilled to get a call telling them the ring had been found.

Mary and Jack on their wedding day in 1950.

The new residents of their mom’s home in Magdalene, Edinburgh, had been out digging in the garden and discovered the lost ring.

Son and musician Phil Cunningham said he had almost forgotten about it.

“We are all really thrilled, it totally came out of the blue. Such a lot has happened since she lost the ring, I had kind of forgotten about it,” Phil said, as per SWNS. “She saw the inscription and knew my mom’s name was Mary so tracked us down.”

Phil Cunningham with his mum and his sister, Laura Cunningham-Brown.

Phil said he hoped his mother was looking down and saw the ring was back in the family.

“I was a bit emotional when my sister called and told me about it,” Phil added. “We just marked the three-year anniversary since mom’s death.”

“The story has touched everyone, not just our family. In such difficult times it’s nice to have this feel-good story.”

Phil said his sister is now proudly wearing their mom’s ring on her pinkie finger.

You never know what you’ll find in the garden. A family in Scotland was thrilled to be reunited with their late…

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I so happy for this family; what honest people returning this find to its rightful owner.

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