Farmer who served as a Marine in WWII celebrates 96th birthday with socially distant parade


A World War II hero got the birthday celebration he deserved this weekend, with friends and loved ones able to throw him a socially distant parade.

As per reports, Edward Vincek was a farmer before serving as a corporal in the Marines during WWII. He celebrated his 96th birthday in Chesapeake, Virginia this Saturday.

Eddie, as he’s commonly known in Chesapeake, has strong memories of his time serving in the Second World War, including fighting overseas in Iwo Jima.

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“We charted in 1956 and we have 71 members chartered and I’m the only one still living,” he said.

Indeed, the Chesapeake community rightfully acknowledge Edward as a hero.

Chesapeake Fire Department Battalion Chief Lawrence Matthews said: “It’s a great thing. He’s a great American and we certainly appreciate him and all the sacrifices he and his family made throughout the years, and to celebrate and to preserve freedom as Americans.”

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Edward usually gets to have a birthday party of some sort, but the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed things this year. Instead, his family and friends took to the streets to give him a socially distant car parade.

“Thank you very much, I appreciate you coming out,” said Edward, who was delighted with the show.

“I sure appreciate it. I love everybody. Everybody’s been good to be me.”

It fills my heart with pride to know that heroes who served our great country aren’t being forgotten or left behind despite the chaos that has unfolded this year.

Happy Birthday, Edward, and thank you for your service all those years ago.

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