Former first lady Rosalynn Carter turns 93 years old – Happy Birthday!


Although it’s been 39 years since Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter left the White House, the former President and first lady have kept busy since their days at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In celebration of Rosalynn’s 93rd birthday, let’s take a look back at some of her accomplishments, both while her husband was in office and after.

Rosalynn Carter served as the first lady from 1977 to 1981, during that time she focused her attention on performing arts and mental health.

During her first interview as first lady she told The New York Times her goal was:

For every person who needs mental health care to be able to receive it close to his home, and to remove the stigma from mental health care so people will be free to talk about it and seek help. It’s been taboo for so long to admit you had a mental health problem.

She served as an honorary chairman of the President’s mental health commission and became instrumental in passing the Mental Health Systems Act of 1980.

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Following their time at the White House, Rosalynn and Jimmy founded The Carter Center.

The idea of the not-for-profit organization was to promote peace and human rights around the world.

Since the founding of The Carter Center, the former President and first lady have kept active with the organization.

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Even in their old age, the two regularly participate in fundraisers and events to help promote the center’s humanitarian work.

Recently, Rosalynn and Jimmy, who celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary in July and became the longest-married presidential couple, showed their support for The Carter Family Foundation, which hopes to raise $500,000 by Jimmy’s 96th birthday in October.

The money would go toward fair and equitable housing in their hometown of Plains, Georgia.

Following the death of Barbara Bush in 2018, Rosalynn became the oldest living former first lady.

And at 93 years old, she still remains quite active in her advocacy work.

Happy birthday, Rosalynn! May you have many more, and may you continue leading an inspirational life of advocacy.

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