Former high school teacher claims she’s made $1 million on OnlyFans in less than 6 months


Brianna Coppage, the former teacher who resigned after school officials put her on leave after discovering she had an OnlyFans account, claims she has made nearly $1 million on the subscription-based website.

Coppage says her account was “completely separate” from her teaching.

But school administrators put her on leave after receiving a report about her OnlyFans account. The high school English teacher was placed on leave and eventually resigned.

As a high school English teacher in Missouri, Coppage made $42,000. The OnlyFans account was used to supplement her teacher’s salary.

“I started it, one, to just supplement my income and kind of see what happens and possibly make extra money. Like, I have student loans. I was working on my third degree. So, I also have a master’s degree in education, and then I was working on my specialist degree,” she says.

She would have needed to work 24 years to earn the same amount of money she’s currently earned in the past six months.

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In September, the St. Clair School District, where Coppage worked, was notified about her account.

“They specifically said they got a report from an adult in the Sullivan School District, and they asked, do I have any other income streams like outside of teaching? And I said, ‘Yes, I do have an OnlyFans.’ They asked how long I had been doing it, if it was during my own time or … anything at school, which I told them,” she tells Fox News.

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“A lot of people asking why didn’t you just get a part time job somewhere,” Coppage tells KMOV. “That seems like that would’ve worked better but teachers also take all of their work home. We don’t get to stop working when we leave the school day. We don’t get to grade all 130 students’ papers during the day. It’s just not possible when you’re teaching, so we take that work home with us on the evenings and on the weekends. Getting a second job is really not possible.”

Coppage says she was forced to resign after a link to her account was shared in a St. Clair School Facebook group.

Now, she has thousands of fans and her income has “far exceeded” her annual teacher’s salary.

“I’ve been able to pay off all my student loans, any car loans, any credit card debt. I have no debt now, and that’s really freeing,” Coppage says. “Being a teacher, I know I never would have been able to fully pay all of that off.”

Should the school have interfered with Brianna Coppage’s second income, especially if it was separate from her teaching?

Let us know your thoughts.


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