Front line nurse recovering after suspended driver doing 100mph tore her car in half


A 62-year-old front line nurse is recovering after a man driving at 100mph crashed into her car in Lakewood, Washington on Friday night.

As per reports, the collision occurred at around 6:30 p.m., with the nurse, Linda Johnson, left trapped in her car.

Linda’s daughter, Katie Johnson, said her mother was left with two broken toes and a number of bruises covering her body. Of course, her injuries could have been much worse.

“I kept being told she should not be alive,” said Katie, as per King5. “The EMT who had my mom said he had been an EMT for 20 years and he had never seen an accident this horrible before.”

Linda had been out buying food for her night nurse colleagues before the crash. She was said to be minutes from home when another car slammed into her.

“She was out doing something good for these front line nurses and then this guy came and did this,” Katie said.

Pulled from the wreckage

What’s more, it’s said Linda, who had to be pulled from the wreckage by two passersby, has been left unable to work due to her injuries. The driver in the other vehicle, meanwhile, had a suspended license and no insurance.

“Without this guy having insurance, it’s all falling on her,” she said.

Katie says her mom is still suffering from trauma, but that she remains hopeful concerning the future.

“She said, ‘If you think there are not good people in this world, there are.’”

Thank God Linda survived. I can only imagine the trauma of going through such an ordeal.

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