God will always see us through hard times


Not every day is bright and sunny; some days are rainy and cloudy, that you can’t see the possibility of sunlight coming out soon.
The situations in our life can be sunny and cloudy at times. These two different kinds of weather were all created by God for a purpose; the sunlight to keep us warm and the dark days to chill our heated body and environments. They all happen for a reason.
There are some days that we feel like all hope is lost. We feel like there is no light to lead us through our journey; we feel lonely and left at the mercy of fate. Never forget that God is with you in each step you take in life, and he will never lead us astray.
Have faith that no matter how bad things might turn out, God will always be there to guide us through trying times.
We might face the loss of a loved or people we love might hurt us, but never forget that our life is like a storybook; he who leaves us have just completed his part in our lives, and we should give a chance for whatever that happens next.
We shouldn’t hold on to the past and stop the future from coming to pass. We shouldn’t let hurt, pains and heartbreaks prevent us from seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.
We all have days that we feel like it is the last. We wish to take our last breath and end it all. We feel sad and tired of living; no matter any situation you find yourself believe that God will always be there to guide us through in hard times, we have to believe in him.

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