Grocery store employee attacked with shopping cart after asking customer to wear a mask


Another day, another incident concerning the debate over whether or not people should be wearing face masks in public.

The last few weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic have seen a number of distasteful clips surface on the internet, those showing people reacting adversely to being asked to wear a mask – for the protection of all – in public.

One such incident took place recently at Ralphs grocery store in California. A male customer was told by a female employee to either wear a mask or leave the store. Given that this was in Los Angeles County, where current regulations require people to wear masks if they’re inside among others, the employee was well within her rights.

Credit / YouTube

However, the customer didn’t see it that way. In fact, so perturbed was he by the request, that he began ramming the female employee with his shopping cart.

Another customer heard the chaos unfolding and so began to film the ordeal playing out. The man reportedly got so angry that it took another employee pepper spraying him to stop the situation escalating.

Credit / YouTube

The video footage has now surfaced online and, well, it doesn’t exactly paint the male customer in a good light. After being pepper sprayed he can be seen lying on the floor, surrounded by a gallon of spilt milk.

I simply don’t know what it is with people who think they’re above the law with regards to wearing a mask to slow the spread of the coronavirus. I mean, am I missing something? Or does wearing a mask so greatly impinge on people’s rights that they’re ready to resort to violence to express their displeasure?

What do you think about this incident? And the many other incidents like it that have taken place in recent times? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box.

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