Hester Ford, the oldest living American, to celebrate her 116th birthday – Happy Birthday!


Hester Ford, the oldest known living American, is due to celebrate her 116th birthday in Charlotte, North Carolina.

According to reports, Ford’s grandchildren are going to make sure she gets the celebration she deserves despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Mary Hill and Clayton Harris, both grandkids of Ford, have planned a large-scale drive-thru celebration for her to take place this weekend.

“We are doing a re-do of 115 and celebrating 116 coming into,” Hill explained. “So we are excited about the cars coming back in and just acknowledging her and letting them know that we love her.” 

She continued: “We are just glad to be apart of the fabric of Dalebrook and of Charlotte, North Carolina.”

Ford has reportedly been living in the same Charlotte home for over 58 years.

“Her church is 5 minutes away, she loves her church,” Hill said.

Hill went on to explain how her grandma had been forced to change her life due to coronavirus.

“She usually calls once a month the first Sunday of the month (to church), but with the virus. She hasn’t been able to go. So they always send CDs and the deacons come and give her communion.” 

Incredibly, Ford, who has welcomed 68 grandchildren, 125 great-grandchildren, and at least 120 great-great-grandchildren into her family, was alive during the 1918 Flu pandemic, and can draw comparisons between then and now.

“She said this kind of reminds her of that time back then,” Hill said. “She just said she remembers that a lot of people were sick.” 

Wow! Here’s to wishing Hester Ford many happy returns on her 116th birthday!

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