High school student makes ‘miraculous’ recovery after weeks in the ICU, receives diploma at hospital


This school year has been extremely rough on everyone.

From COVID-19 to online learning to the nationwide protests against police brutality, it’s amazing that any student has been able to graduate. But as the school year ends students around the country have proven they can handle just about anything.

Recently, students at Dreher High School in Columbia, South Carolina were set to graduate, but they were missing one of their seniors.

Alfreda Dawkins, who goes by Fefe, was unable to attend because she was in the hospital.


On May 21, Fefe’s blood sugar rose to an extremely high level. The medical event put her into a coma and she had to be admitted to the ICU.

Although she was on track to graduate in a few weeks – her mom told WLTX she was on the honor roll throughout high school – it was unclear if she would even survive.

“Me nor any of my coworkers thought that she would actually make it through,” ICU nurse Melissa Sydnor said.

Sydnor recalled the night Fefe regained consciousness and said it bordered on a miracle.


While Fefe is currently recovering, she’s unable to receive any visitors due to COVID-19 restrictions. However, that did not prevent her family and administrators from her school celebrating her accomplishments.

The high school senior, now a high school graduate, received her diploma from her principal during a small ceremony in the hospital’s parking garage.

“She can have her own memorable moment from this. I’m just so thankful that the nurses pullex this together for her,” Lavasha Johnson, Fefe’s mom, said. “Like I told her, you know you didn’t walk the stage with your class members- but you did it.”

Next year Fefe plans to attend school to become a nurse.

Congratulations Fefe! You have accomplished and overcome a lot. Keep up the good work!

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