I Always need my daughter


Some people regard the female sex as the born of weakness and a burden.
In the past, women are said to be the weakest creatures. They were tagged as mere objects of bearing children, taking care of the home and take the kitchen as their duty post. They weren’t sent to school either are they are allowed to have a say in their affairs, make contributions to what happens in the society.
The present-day parents don’t joke with their daughters. They listen to her and protect her from the outside world. They always want their daughters to be around them no matter their age.
They take their daughters as their most treasured asset. In the African setting, if a female child is wayward, the other children are tagged as not being better.
Daughters are from an early age trained to stand out above other genders. They are taught how to be fully in charge of their homes. They are most times their parent’s best friends.
Growing up as the only girl in my family was one of the highest privileges I enjoyed. I was treasured by both my parents and brothers.
I wasn’t allowed to be in the company of my friends or stay out late in the house; I had many restrictions. While growing up, I thought my parents were mean and never wanted me to enjoy my teenage life. Even my brothers weren’t left out as they shun any boy seen around me.
Now I know better, my parents always wanted me around them. My dad will always tell me that I am his greatest achievement. He told me that he still wants me around him. He always loved to be there with me even when I cry or laugh. He said he found happiness in watching me grow to the women I am today.
I am his best friend and always around him.

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