I Believe In God


I believe in God
I believe in God not because my parents told me, not because my church told me, but because I’ve experienced his goodness and mercy myself.
God has been so good to me that I feel so unworthy of his kindness and mercy.
I have spent every day of my life praising God because he has shown me excess love not minding my flaws and sins. I have sinned against him, and that didn’t stop him from showing me, love.
I never believed I was ever going to wake up from a coma.
I was on my way to another state when the bus I was in collided into a moving trailer. If there was anything I ever begged God in my unconscious state, it was to give me another chance to serve him faithfully.
I have been a rebellious servant. I never served him with my heart and never acknowledged him as the author of my life.
I was unconscious, and my soul was wandering throughout the world. I felt dead and never understood the phase of life I was in.
I stayed for three months, depending on a machine. Doctors already gave up on my survival; they said it could only be a miracle that I can bring me back. My condition failed medical possibilities; it was way beyond it.
On the day I was supposed to be declared dead, the machines were already removed. A man of God that was praying for patients suddenly entered the ICU where I was. He wanted to pray, but the doctors told him that it wasn’t necessary that I was gone.
He didn’t give up and continued praying. On entering the morgue, I jerked furiously. God brought me back to life. He gave me another chance to live, my life was never the same again, as I was always on a wheelchair, but every day of my life has been bent on thanking God. I believe in him, and he alone is worthy of being praised.

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