“I have 3 brothers and they’re all so smart” – Quadruplet brothers all graduate from Yale together


When the talented Wade quadruplets graduated from High school in 2017 they had 59 offers from colleges including Harvard, Duke, Yale and Stanford.

The talented four Aaron, Nick, Zach and Nigel who were born minutes apart, decided that having done everything together they were going to stick together through college and decided to all attend Yale.

Now all four, who were awarded financial packages, all graduated from the Ivy League school last month, according to People.

Technically, only three of the brothers, now 22, officially graduated this spring.

According to Today Nick graduated with a degree in political science, with a minor in Arabic; Zach secured a double-major degree in chemical engineering and economics; and Nigel received his degree in molecular, cellular and developmental biology.

Aaron, who shared a ceremonial graduation ceremony with his brothers, will spend one more semester at Yale to complete his senior thesis, Today reported. He is majoring in computer science and psychology.

Despite being quadruplets and attending the same school they spent their college days leading separate lives.

“I wouldn’t just be walking on the street and just be like, ‘Oh hey, there’s my brother,’” Aaron Wade told People. “When that happened, I would be shook. I’d be like, ‘Oh my God, I completely forgot that you go to this school.’

“In high school, we all knew the same people. So in a sense, that didn’t allow us to divert as much as we might’ve wanted to,” Nick told People.

“But in college, because there’s so many different types of people, and we had so many different diverse interests, I think we were able to carve our paths in our own way.”

The overachieving brothers now have different life plans and are all heading to different cities to start their careers.

“Zach will be out in San Francisco at Goldman Sachs, Nick is at Goldman in New York City, but living in New Jersey, and Nigel is doing research in New Haven,” Aaron told ‘Today.’

“It feels like an extension of our Yale experience, so I imagine that the frequency with which we see each other will be the same.”

Aaron Wade said he will officially graduate in December and move to New York City to work for Google.

“For a long time, it felt like we were all a singular collective unit of a protagonist in the same show,” he told ‘Today.’

“Now, oh my God. I just get to sit back and flip through the channels in each of my brother’s lives and be like, ‘Whoa, he’s doing this and this.’ It was just cool to brag like, ‘Oh, I have three brothers, and they’re all so smart and talented.’”

I can’t imagine how proud their family must be of these incredible brothers.

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