I miss you so much


Growing up without you by my side has been the most challenging task of my life. You have become the most significant part of my life, as all my actions always revolve around you. It has been years you left, but it still feels like yesterday.
Death is an inevitable end; I know better now. I thank God for the times we spent together and for making our paths cross. I never for once believed in true love until I met you.
You loved me unconditionally, even with my poor background and flaws. You never stopped believing in me even when I was on the verge of giving up.
You stood by me in trying times, even when I got stuck in the mud of life. You have always been my armor and strength until that sad Saturday. I was coming back to show you my appointment later. It was all by your efforts I went to school after I lost my parents.
I came back only to feel the cold sensation that surrounded the house. I thought it was a feeling of excitement until I ran to your room to share the good news with you. I met the shock of my life; you were gone.
It hurts so much you didn’t reap the fruits of your labor. I know you are in heaven because you were my guardian angel throughout your stay on earth. You showed me unrequited love and care. It has been hard being without you, but I know someday we will meet to part no more. I miss you so much.

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