I Truly Appreciate Kindness


I truly appreciate kindness
I appreciate every little act of kindness or love shown towards me.
Having people who can’t go a day without checking up on you or trying to bring smiles on your face are the most real.
I grew up without anyone showing me love or care. I grew up being a sadist who never had the urge to see another day.
After my mom’s death, dad didn’t hesitate to take another wife after all my pleas to remain single; he said, ‘I don’t want you to grow up without the love of a mother.’ My dad got married to my stepmom a few months after the death of my mom.
Dad always has business deals to attend to in different parts of the world, so he wasn’t always around. My stepmom used that as an opportunity to turn me into a house help; she threatened me not to say anything to my dad or join my mom.
My dad stops being concerned about my welfare; she transferred me to a public school. Things continued that way until dad died in a plane crash. I felt my whole world crumble.
Stepmom remarried and sent me out of my father’s house. I started life anew. I worked to train myself in school and create a happy environment I ever wished.
It was in my college days I met people who showed me unrequited love and care. I appreciate every atom of care and love people show to me; I grew up without someone showing me love or checking up on me.
I truly cherish every single person who has tried to brighten my days. It is the little things that matter most.

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