I will always miss you until I join you


Someone asked me if I still grieve my loved ones who have passed away?
My reply was simple, yes! I will always continue grieving over them until I take my last breath too. I miss hem so much and feel so incomplete without them.
You can never understand the plight of losing your best friend and mom. Yes, my mom was my best friend, sibling and playmate. She filled into every company I ever wanted.
After I lost her, I became a shadow of myself. It has been past five years, and I can’t still get over the fact that she’s gone forever. I still see her in my dreams, holding hands and chatting like we are the only ones in the world. The dreams seem so real and sweet because I always wake up smiling with tears at the corners of my eyes.
I miss her so much that I bet I can’t go a minute without the few times we spent together not coming into play. I feel more like the past is haunting me. It has never stopped resurfacing even after all these years.
My mom became a big part of me without realizing it. It seemed so natural and healthy for me until I lost her. I thought I couldn’t live again. I started having seizures and panic attacks a few months after her death. It was the most hurtful thing that ever happened to me.
I am still living, but I feel a big part of me is somewhere else. I feel incomplete and devastated. You are the best soul I have ever known, mom. I will always miss you until we meet to part no more.

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