Images of Michigan priest using water gun to bless churchgoers go viral


States have begun to open up, but these reopenings come with many precautions.

Restaurants have to find a way to keep their customers at least six feet apart, salons must find a way to safely operate, and churches need to come up with an alternative for parishioners to worship.

One priest in Michigan came up with a unique way to bless parishioners’ Easter food. Not wanting to put off yet another tradition due to the current pandemic, the Father Tim Pelc at St. Ambrose Church in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan donned PPE and grabbed a water gun.

“Adapting to the need for social distancing, St. Ambrose continued it’s tradition of Blessing of Easter Food Baskets, drive-thru style,” the church wrote on Facebook.

As each vehicle passed by, Fr. Tim used the water gun, which was filled with holy water, to spray each vehicle.

The images went viral.

They even ended up on Reddit where many users made him into a meme.

“It was a good news story and people were in the mood for something like that,” Pelc told BuzzFeed News.

After the stunt, which was originally to cheer up the parish’s children, went viral, Pelc realized just how many people saw his “pretty wacky mind.”

“It was big in Ukraine, and the Germans are funny — that led to a whole sub-discussion about the types of water pistols,” he said. “It even had two hits in the Vatican, which sort of concerned me, but I haven’t heard anything yet.”

Even the view from inside a vehicle was funny!

What do you think of Fr. Tim’s creative way of practicing social distancing while maintaining social distancing?

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