‘It was the right thing to do’ – three men jump onto train tracks to save blind man


In June 2018, landscaper Kyle Busquine had arrived at a train station he normally wouldn’t stop at in Toronto, Canada, when he heard faint cries of “help”.

“It was very guttural and filled with fear,” Kyle said, describing the sound.

He glanced across the station, which he found himself at after a problem with his train, and saw a blind man and his walking cane lying on the tracks, after he’d stepped out and fallen.

Kyle jumped into action and was followed by two other young men who also rushed to help, one jumping across the tracks.

Together the trio lifted the man back onto the platform and out of harm’s way.

A witness who saw the men in action described her fear watching them risk their own lives to help the man.

“We were all just in shock looking at him, hoping and praying a train wouldn’t come,” commuter Julie Caniglia told CBC Canada News.

Julie said the rescue took a matter of seconds but it seemed like hours.

“Knowing that the worst thing possible could happen and it was out of everyone’s control was really just the most frightening thing I’ve ever seen,” she added.

Thankfully no one was seriously injured and the blind man was taken to hospital and treated for minor injuries.

Julie captured the moment the man was lifted to safety and posted it on social media where it’s been shared over 70,000 times.

You just do it': Men honoured for saving blind man who fell onto subway  tracks | CTV News
CTV News Canada

“Please pass this photo around, these men need to be recognized as good Samaritan’s. If they hadn’t reacted so quickly, the outcome would have been horrific,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

The men were tracked down and honored at a ceremony at Toronto city hall. Jehangir Faisal, Kyle Busquine and Julio Cabrera were rewarded with free public transit for one year for their brave actions that day.

Kyle said he was very grateful to the two men who helped and couldn’t have done it without them, reports CBC Canada News.

“I do want to thank them. They did a great job for coming down and helping out,” he said.

“It was the right thing to do, the human thing to do, to help someone else in need,” he added.

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