Let’s Appreciate the health workers


I can remember growing up as a cartoon addict. I learned a lot about the superheroes who would always risk their lives to save the world. I learned that no matter how tough the villain is, they always map out plans to defeat the enemy and still win.
I know such scenarios that exist in life. I grew up to understand that they are more of works of animations, but it never changed my belief about superheroes living. They might not be in the form of superman, batman, or supergirl. All I knew is that whatever quality they possessed can be found amongst humans also.
The health sector has been our superheroes and conquerors since the onset of the pandemic. They have been working tirelessly to defeat the enemies in our midst, the deadly Corona Virus.
They have sacrificed all they have got to keep us safe and care for people suffering from the virus. This is an example of a true hero. It seems so natural, and some might call it their profession, but you can never understand until you are in their shoe.
I can’t remember the last time I talked with my dad. He is a doctor and now lives in the quarantine centers because of how serious the pandemic is raging wild. He is sacrificing the time he has for himself and his family, to save lives. He is a true hero, my superman.
The nurses and doctors have worked tirelessly in making sure we common out of this trying time safely. They are my superheroes and should be recognized and appreciated.

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